Bespoke Leasing

Tailored for your Operation

We focus on mid-life aircraft and compatible engines types, and pursue a creative and flexible approach to commercial aircraft and jet engine leasing. We excel at structuring leases that meet the operational and time sensitive needs of our lessees. We pride ourselves in developing relationships and structuring transactions for our lessees that make us the consistent first choice for repeat business.

Our innovative financial consultation in regards to the purchase, leasing, and trading of aircraft and aircraft engines further complements our exemplary leasing business. 

We have a team of experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge which makes the development of unique and creative structures for our customers an everyday occurrence. To better service our customers, we have offices around the world including New York, Miami, and Dubai. We are available 24/7 and we like to solve difficult operational problems. We look forward to your call.

Engines Available

Engine Model ESN Thrust Rating (lbs) Location Time Since Last Shop Visit Cycles Since Last Shop Visit Limiter Data
CFM56-5B4/P 779198 27,000 Belgium 4,204 2,887 4,500 Mini-pack
CFM56-5B4/P 779201 27,000 Belgium 0 0 2,559 Mini-pack
CFM56-3C1 857999 22,000 United States 8,295 6,022 4,053 Mini-pack
PW2037 727124 37,000 Germany 2,486 780 5,834 Mini-pack
PW2040 726674 40,000 Germany 628 201 4,039 Mini-pack
PW4060-3 717691 60,000 United States 0 0 3,522 Mini-pack
PW4060-3 724155 60,000 United States 3,206 678 3,316 Mini-pack
PW4060-3 727812 60,000 United States 7,985 1,318 9,994 Mini-pack
PW4060-3 727686 60,000 United States 0 0 4,029