Offshore Energy Assets

Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC

Approximately 14.4% of equity within our reportable segments as of September 30, 2016

FTAI has three offshore energy investments, including one Remotely Operated Vehicle (“ROV”) support vessel, one Anchor Handling Tug Supply (“AHTS”) vessel, and one construction support vessel ("CSV"). The Company’s assets in the Offshore Energy segment are subject to charters of varying duration. In some cases, FTAI assumes the operating expense and utilization risk for the vessels. Two of our vessels are active in southeast Asia and the Middle East, working for local contractors, independent oil companies and national oil companies. Only one of FTAI’s vessel is levered. The lease for the AHTS vessel expires in November 2023. The construction support vessel and the ROV support vessel operate on short- to medium-term leases and are currently off lease. FTAI is in active discussions for potential new charter opportunities for these vessels.

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Assets in our Offshore Energy segment:

Offshore Energy Assets
Asset Type Year Built Description Lease Expiration Economic Interest (%)
AHTS Vessel 2010 Anchor handling tug supply vessel with accommodation for 30 personnel and a total bollard pull of 68.5 tons November 2023 100%
Construction Support Vessel 2014 Construction support vessel with 250-ton crane, 2,000 square meter deck space, a moon pool, and accommodation for 100 personnel Off Lease 100%
ROV Support Vessel 2011 Construction support vessel with accommodation for 120 personnel, a moon pool, and a 50-ton crane Off Lease 85%