Portfolio Overview

FTAI invests across a number of major sectors within the transportation industry, including aviation, energy, intermodal transport and rail, and may pursue acquisitions in other areas as and when they arise in the future.

The charts below illustrate FTAI’s existing assets, and FTAI’s equity deployed in acquiring these assets separated by segment as of December 31, 2021.

Percentage of Shareholders' Equity by Operating Segment(1,2)

Percentage of Total Assets by Operating Segment(1,2)

  1. Excludes $157.2 million of assets and $(2,383.6) million of equity related to corporate segment (excludes Offshore, Containers, rail car cleaning assets, and investments in FYX & Aleon shown separately above).
  2. Jefferson Terminal, Repauno Delaware Port, Long Ridge Energy Terminal, Transtar, rail car cleaning assets, and investment in FYX are included in our Infrastructure Business and Aviation Leasing, Offshore Energy and Shipping Containers are included in our Equipment Leasing Business.

We estimate the total market for existing transportation and transportation-related infrastructure assets to be in excess of $2.7 trillion. We expect this market to be sustained by growth in global trade as a result of a return to a healthier economic environment and an emerging middle class in major markets around the world.

We believe that market developments around the world are generating significant opportunities for the acquisition of infrastructure and equipment essential to the transportation industry. Global trade growth has consistently outpaced global GDP growth over the last three decades and has fueled a large and growing demand for both cargo and passenger-related transportation infrastructure and equipment.

At the same time, significant market dislocations are providing tremendous new investment opportunities. Traditional capital providers such as governments and European banks are not keeping pace with the need for long-term capital to support the industry, and we believe this shortage will continue for years to come. We believe that these factors will enable us to acquire attractive assets and continue to grow our business.

The charts below illustrate both asset value by sector within the market for transportation and transportation related infrastructure assets and historical global trade growth.

$2.7 Trillion Global Transportation Market

($ billions)

Global Trade Growth Over 30 Years

(Indexed to 100)

World GDP

World Trade